The main reason why you need a portable storage container is to assist you with moving. Whether you are moving to another location, redecorating, or just renovating your home, you will need some help in moving and storing your stuff. There are a lot of portable container services that will help you with transporting your belongings.

When moving, most people become too stressed that the activity becomes a burden. The use of a portable storage container will help lessen and resolve any problems encountered when moving. Fortunately, moving services – the effective ones – will pull you out of this misery.

Here are some of the great benefits of using a portable storage container service for moving.

1. You can move out or relocate without the stress and hassles. No need to decide and plan how to transfer your stuff from one place to another. You don’t have to think of ways on how to transport all your things all at once. This is the beauty of renting a moving service: hassle-free transfer of packages. There are literally three things you need to do – pack your stuff, put them in the portable containers, and wait for your stuff to be shipped to your new location.

 movable cubicle You can relax through the whole process while waiting for your belongings to be delivered right at your doorstep. You don’t need to work too hard to transfer your stuff; the moving service will do it for you. Additionally, you do not need to break a sweat in unloading your heavy loads. No need to carry your sofa all the way from the doorstep to your living room. No matter how heavy your load is, the moving service will definitely unload them for you.

2. The chances of forgetting your things or leaving them behind are diminished. This benefit of moving services is true for people who need to pack all their things to a new place. When you rent a portable container, you no longer need to worry about forgetting to pack something especially small items. In fact, it will encourage you to pack more because of the vast space that the containers have. You would want to put more things into each container to make the most out of what you paid. Moreover, you will be encouraged to keep more of your old stuff rather than buying a new one.

3. Peace of mind is achieved when moving. If the moving service you rented or hired is highly trustworthy, you will have an assurance that your belongings are stored safely and securely. You do not have to worry about whether your things are packed safe and free from damage. All your things inside each container are placed properly to prevent breakage or any damage. Most moving services offer their clients optimum security for their stuff.

Some even provide locks to further protect everything inside the containers. Of course, only you and the moving staff will have access to these locks. The portable containers are also made of durable and sturdy materials. This means that not a single portable storage container will be prone to any kind of damage.

4. There is no load that is too big or too small. Portable containers come in different sizes. Whether you have a humongous piano or a tiny key chain, the moving company can surely provide for your needs. Some even allow personal customization of the shipping containers. With the help of portable containers, the size of your load does not matter.

5. Most moving companies offer different delivery options. This means that you are allowed to deliver your stuff locally, nationally, or internationally. Most moving companies have the option for long distance delivery.

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For many years now, patches have been widely utilized to depict themes, commemorate special events or convey a specific message to the world. However, most people are having problems when looking for the right patch as they don’t understand the features and terminology involved. This article will highlight some of the important information when it comes to looking for the right patch for your needs.

Consider the Patch Size

Embroidered PatchesThe price of a patch is primarily dependent on how time-consuming it can be to make that patch and how big you want it to be. Basically, the bigger the patch that you want to order, the higher the price. Before ordering, you need to determine how large you want the patch to be so that the seller would be able to give you an appropriate cost for your order. If you are looking to keep the cost down to a minimum, it is best that choose the smallest size.

Determine the Area that Needs to be Covered with Embroidery

The cost of customized patches will depend on how large the area that needs to be covered with stitching. You can buy best custom patches at patches4less. Usually, a patch that shows a great deal of background fabric around the stitched design cost a lot less. The term “100% embroidered” refers to a patch that is entirely covered with stitching leaving no visible background fabric. A 100% embroidered patch is desired by many due to its great texture quality as the embroidered design does not raise off the twill. However, this type of patch usually cost more.

Different Patch Types

There are different types of patch sold on the market. The most popular type would be the embroidered patch as it is widely used with many industrial applications. However, there are other patch types as well that you need to know.

Another popular patch type is the chenille patch. This type of patch is generally used on varsity clothing. Unlike other types that have intricate designs, a chenille patch comes with less detail and patterns. It often sports a plain design that resembles the shapes of countries, mascots, etc. It can also symbolize letters, numbers or words.

On the other hand, a woven patch is recommended for those who are looking for basic designs or images. This type of patch is mainly used when a specific design comes with a lot of details to replicate using traditional embroidery techniques. Since this type of patch is woven, it is not raised rather it sports a smoother texture.

Meanwhile, a printed custom patch makes use of ink to make images on a twill fabric. This type of patch is not prone to fading. Cleaning is also a breeze as it can be washed and dry-cleaned. A printed custom patch is ideal for depicting photographic images. However, there are images that are quite complicated to replicate in detail by thread, but the image may be replicated by printing. Compared to a traditional embroidered patch, this type of patch can be produced quickly and cost cheaper if ordered in bulk.

Name patches are usually used on uniforms to help people identify students and professional workers. A name patch is generally made by stitching a blank patch. A blank name patch is usually sold in stock sizes and stock color combinations. However, you can order a custom blank patch that sports the right size and color for your company or organization.

Final Thoughts

It is important to note that direct embroidery is different from patch production. Usually, it takes several weeks to produce a batch of well-designed patches. Depending on the seller or manufacturer, a batch is usually made up of 25 or 50 pieces. A patch can easily be made to suit the size, shape and design that you want. If you need help, any embroidery store can help you choose the right one that suits your needs and budget.

Long Island, NY is one of the best places to go on a house hunting spree because the weather there is nice all year round, and it is not that far away from New York City; great for professionals who have families. As of now, there are plenty of choices when it comes to homes for sale Long Island, the only problem is choosing the right one.

Buying a house in Long Island is not that straightforward because there are certain things that buyers need to keep an eye out for. To help buyers find the house of their dreams,

Here are some of the things to look for when shopping for a home :

Look for the ones that have been for sale the longest

When people are browsing through the listings of the homes for sale Long Island, they should keep an open eye out for the ones that have been in the market for the longest amount of time. If a house has not been sold even after a couple of years on the market, the owner would be more open to negotiations, and this is the perfect time for people to test out their haggling skills.

Home InspectionBut just because the sellers are willing to cut back on the price of their homes, it does not necessarily mean that they are desperate to get rid of the property that they will accept any low offers. Buyers should try their best not to insult the seller with offers that are too low if they really want to buy the house.

Take the condition of the property into consideration

It is important for serious home buyers to inspect the actual property before making an offer. Many people have made costly mistakes after buying a house, mainly because they based their decisions mostly by looking at pictures of the property. Sellers would want to make their homes as enticing as possible, so it makes no sense for them to post pictures showing the flaws of the house; it is up to the buyer to find about these flaws for themselves.

Serious buyers must inspect the home for sale in person, that way they could find the flaws that the seller conveniently omitted from the ad. These flaws and damages must always be taken into consideration by the buyer, mainly because it will cost money to get them fixed, and they can also use them as a negotiating tool to get lower prices.

Get help from a professional real estate agent

Real estateThough it is true that people can now get a lot of information from the internet about homes for sale, it is still better if they avail of the services of a professional real estate agent. Having an agent on their side can make house hunting easier since they have a wider information network, and they know the housing market in Long Island better than anyone else. Real estate agents can also help with the negotiations because they know about the land and property values in Long Island.

Some people may think that they cannot afford to buy a house right now, especially with today’s economy; they mistakenly think that it would be better for them to rent a house rather than buy one. What they do not realize is that there is a wide selection of what to look for in homes for sale Long Island that can actually fit in their budgets.

Challenge coins have been passed on by many generations in the military service but nowadays, organizations outside the military have adopted the tradition. Receiving one is such an honor and among the practice of passing on challenge coins is the secret handshake, which is not really mandatory, but has been carried on by different organization since the turn of the 20th century.

It was seen during the 2011 visit of the then retiring Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to the military bases in Afghanistan. He shook hands with the men and women during the tour but what seems like a simple act of courtesy was much more. The recipient of the handshake had, in their hands, the special challenge coin of Secretary of Defense.

Once awarded with a highly prestigious challenge coin, the owner must abide by the rules and tradition of carrying on coins. Not abiding by the rules of an organization has different consequences, sometimes even resulting to an eviction of the member. For an organization to ensure that all members carry their respective coins every time, the tradition of challenging was made.

Challenging is believed to have evolved from “pfennig check”, a tradition done in Germany during the World War II. Pfennig is a German coin with the lowest value. One would call a check and whoever fails to present a pfennig would be tasked to buy drinks. Over the years, the pfennig was replaced by challenge coins and thus the advent of challenging. The challenge can be issued anytime of the day.

Challenge CoinsChallenge coins differ from one organization to another. It is not surprising that the rules of challenging are not exactly similar for every society. However, the procedure is pretty much the same. It starts when a member places his coin on the table or wave his coin in the air and loudly announce to all members present that he is issuing a challenge.

All the members present must draw their respective challenge coins and if one fails to do so, then he must buy a drink for everyone. If all member succeed in showing their coins, then the challenger must be the one to buy drinks for all the participants. Accidentally dropping the coin would lead to an “accidental” issuing of a challenge if it makes an audible enough sound.

There are many variations of a challenge. Sometimes, it would require members to show their highest – ranking challenge coin. The winner would be given drinks by all the participants. Failure to buy drinks could sometimes mean turning over of the coin to the issuer.

Sometimes, members are allowed to use the “step and reach”. This means they are given the opportunity to take one step and grab a coin at their arm’s length. Failing to reach a coin after doing so would mean the member must buy a round of drinks.

Though there are many variations, most versions of challenging prohibits defacing the coin. It means it must not be drilled or used as belt buckles. In other organizations, the challenge coin must be carried by the owner at all times. This rule prohibits a member to draw a coin from a bag or purse. The coin must be carried in a pocket, sock or garment in the body.

A member is still allowed to be checked anytime even if his coin was missing or misplaced.

Whatever rule the organization imposes, the tradition of challenging ensures that each and every member continuously upholds their challenge coin. A coin is minted with their emblem and motto, but more than that, it also serves as a symbol of what everything the society stands for.

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You may be looking for a motivational speaker as your guest in an event. However, you are not sure if this certain speaker is credible or skillful enough to inspire and educate people. There are a lot of motivational speakers in the country to choose from; how will you know if you have selected the right person for the job?

Knowing the characteristics of a great motivational speaker can help you determine which person to pick. Below are the attributes that you look for in an inspirational speaker.

He has a considerable experience in the topic. An effective motivational speaker should be a master of his topic. He should be able to provide you with the information that you need in his seminar. You want to make sure that every cent you pay to him is worth it. You don’t want people to come out of the venue with just stories in their minds; you want them to learn something useful for the company.

Keynote speakerHe has the credentials. Some motivational speakers secure the necessary credentials to beef up their knowledge about a certain topic. They can opt to take graduate studies, or get a certification or license. They also attend seminars of other professionals, talk to other people and get themselves buried in books. Providing their audience with a compelling story stems from extensive research.

He receives good feedback on his performances. To ensure that you have secured a good motivational speaker, get some feedback from his previous customers. You can also rely on word-of-mouth for any referrals. Also, avoid getting a speaker that has not been talked about by people. He might be a beginner in public speaking, as shown by his lack of feedback.

He has a solid following. If you wanted to draw a large amount of spectators, getting a well-liked personality in the social media is a great choice as a motivational speaker. As such, look if your speaker has already an established following in social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

He has published a book. Most popular motivational speakers publish an autobiography of their life or their teachings due to popular demand of their supporters. Therefore, someone who has already produced a publication is definitely an excellent source of inspiration.

He has achieved an international recognition and has his own website. Motivational speakers that are internationally recognized have a website of their own. The motivational-speaker-success can provide details regarding your speaker of choice. Information such as his education, topics of expertises bookings, and feedback from his customers can be sourced from his website. You can use this data to determine if the speaker is suitable for your event.

He has several media guestings. Not every motivational speaker gets to secure a guesting in a television show. Because the researchers of a media outlet need to ensure the reliability and expertise of their guests, having to see an inspirational speaker get a national coverage is something to be considered upon.

He has founded an association or belongs in a respected organization. More often than not, motivational speakers are affiliated with several organizations. Because joining certain associations requires one to undergo a stringent process to become a member, it adds to their credibility as a speaker to be part of one. Also, some organizations only get its members through a personal invitation, which makes it more prestigious. Through being an affiliate of several groups, it enables them to garner a network of contacts to which they can use to increase their marketability in the industry.

With this information in mind, you are now confident that you can get the appropriate speaker for your event. Do not forget to perform due diligence on your part; be sure to substantiate every feedback and every credential that this certain person has listed. The last thing you want to happen is to be scammed.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO writing is article writing intended for the internet world. This style of writing has one purpose other than entertaining and informing readers. It is to be read, recognized and be visible in search engines. This means that your goal is to make it appear on top of the list when you search for its keyword on any search engines.

Article writingSEO writing may be a challenge to some people. This is because aside from trying to make your article creative and educational, you must also pay attention to technical details. Here are some tips to help you create an effective SEO article.

Keep it Short

Internet readers are naturally impatient. They want to read short sentences, short paragraphs, short examples, and short explanations. Despite all these, they want to find everything they need to know in these short statements. This may be a difficulty to some writers, but do not worry. The technique is just to be direct to the point.

Write short sentences by making it as simple as possible. Do not add up decorative statements so you will not produce long paragraphs. Make sure you include just pure information that lead to your main points.

Be careful though. You must make sure that your article does not turn out too short. It may not be detected by search engines. So, you must make sure that do not leave out any necessary information.

Work on Keywords

Keyword is the most important feature in SEO article writing. It is the essence of it. It makes or breaks your ranking in search engines. A keyword is a word or sets of words that you insert into your article that talks about the main idea of the whole topic.

Make sure you insert keywords smoothly on your article. Do not keep them crowded on one part of the article as well. Spread them out evenly. The number of keywords you put in each article is also very crucial. This is called keyword density. If you do not insert keywords properly, search engines might detect your article as a spam.

Write in Style

Just like in any article writing, there should always be the three main parts. These are the introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should be catchy, creative and interesting. It should poke the attention of your potential readers. It must draw the reader into the article, into digging deeper for more information. Write a unique introduction as it will make your readers curious so they would want to read the whole article.

The body must contain all the information needed. In writing this part, you should write in brief statements that lead directly to your point. Do not confuse your reader by placing unnecessary details. Make sure that each data is factual. Do not put your opinions in unless the article requires it. Be specific in re-telling these facts to avoid confusions.

Follow the Format

Readers do not want to read long paragraphs. The technique to this is to organize your points into segments. To segmentize information, use headings and subheadings. For each topic you discuss, make sure that you put a subheading to it. In this way, your article will look more organize and easy to read. It will also be pleasing to the eyes of the reader. As much as possible, include bullets in stating or enumerating some points.

Your ideas must also flow smoothly into each paragraph you write. First, write the main idea. Then, place the supporting ideas next to it. Make sure the information with the same topic go together. Do not mix them up.

Set the Tone

It is important to know the personality of your potential readers and the kind of website you write for. This will determine the tone. It tells if your tone should be scholastic, formal, conversational, funny or serious. Article writing tone sets the mood of your audience while reading your article.

Your choice of words also matter. Since, generally, internet people want to get info in an instant, use simple words. Avoid jargons, complex and difficult words. Do not have your readers grab a dictionary before they can understand your statements.

Supporting Facts

Everything your reader sees in your article must be based on facts, not on your opinion or opinion of irrelevant people. Your goal is to educate them. To make sure that your article will appear credible, cite some examples, quotes from relevant icons, images, news, historical events and statistical records. These will serve as an intensifier to the facts you stated. Just make sure that you get these from credible sources as well.

Check for Flaws

In SEO article writing, the aim is to create a flawless and perfect article. So, you must check on your articles before posting them. Read them aloud. In this way, mistakes will be easily seen. Watch out for grammatical errors, inappropriate or missing punctuation, incomplete sentences, confusing statements and other mistakes. Cross them out and replace with the correct ones. You can either write them down first or correct them immediately once you find them.

Make sure that you have included all the important details. Make sure that your article is understandable. Do not let your readers feel confuse. Do not leave them hanging with questions in their heads. Make sure you provide all the things they need to know. Make sure you answer all their questions.

Once you have done all this, repeat the process. Do not stop until your article is free from errors.

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Golf equipment includes the essential things that are used by golfers to play the sport. Some types of golf equipment consist of the club, the golf ball, and other devices that help in making a good hit, and equipment that help in improving the entire golfing experience.

Playing golf also comes with an unspoken commitment to dress accordingly. Though there is no distinct dress code compared to other sports such as basketball, there are certain must-have items that should be in every golfer’s closet. The important thing is that, a player must always adhere to the dress code enforced by the club.

Golf ApparelGolf clothing normally includes shoes, gloves, and other specific items. Golf clothing and apparel are intended to be nonrestrictive to a golfer’s range of motion, and to keep the golfer cool and dry while being stylish. As a beginner, always keep in mind that golf clothes should look smart-casual, with a touch of formality, although golf wear is often stereotyped as old-fashioned. Jeans, sweatpants, tank tops, and t-shirts are commonly frowned upon. Here are some clothing basics for every golfer:

1.Polo Top.

Always invest in a polo top because generally, most courses require collared tops. There are many variants of a collared top, which includes plain top, printed, multi-colored, mesh tops, long sleeved, or even those made of high-end Clima fabric. It’s good to have different types and styles, since these can also be used casually. Try browsing through online golf apparel shops to get as much as 50% discount in branded golf polo shirts.


When it comes to pants, it’s always safe to stick with neutral colored ones including khaki, beige, white, black, and navy blue. Tailored slacks are the most common types of pants worn by golfers. In some cases, sweatpants are also allowed.


Shorts are generally allowed as long as they’re not cutoffs. The universal rule for golf shorts is that, they shouldn’t be more than four inches above the knee. This is applicable for both men and women.


Most players prefer having an outerwear mainly as UV protection. Playing golf mostly involves getting exposed to the sun or in the opposite case, to chilly outdoor weather, for long periods of time. So, it’s best to have an extra layer of clothing. Some golf apparel outerwear include vests, fleece, sweaters, cardigans, and pullovers.


For players who still enjoy hitting some golf balls during rainy days, rain wear is a great investment, to prevent ending up with soaked damp clothes.


Most golfers opt to choose the visor form of athletic cap which doesn’t cover the head entirely but keeps the sunlight away from the eyes. Wearing caps and visors can be one way of expressing style and preference when playing golf.

7.Golf Shoes.

Shoes are among the most important golf apparel because they provide balance and stability to perform the perfect swing. Though there are no particular rules on golf shoes, a lot of golf courses have banned shoes with metal spikes because these cause damage on the grass. Be sure to bring shoes with a non-metal type of cleats (otherwise referred to as softs pikes). You can also opt to wear shoes with soft soles, like tennis shoes.

Besides wearing the basic attire, every golfer should bring along several important accessories. Here are some golf essentials you can purchase on your next visit to a sports shop:


Since golf is an outdoor sport, glasses are important to protect the eyes from too much sun exposure. Specialty golf sunglasses are intended to enhance a golfer’s vision and to help in surviving the rigidities of spending all day in 18-hole green, in any kind of weather.


Required to be stylish and to keep track of time, watches are considered a must-have golf apparel. Just be sure that your sports watch is heavy duty, and can withstand the extreme motions. You can also invest in specialized items such as a score band watch and an activity tracker. Most items can be acquired in a golf apparel shop, and even in online sports shopping sites.


Some apparel shops offer specialized belts for golfers, including trophy belts and reversible golf belts. Choose the color that matches your outfit the best and gives you that professional look.


Golfers also frequently use gloves that help ensure that the club can be gripped without causing blisters. Gloves are normally sold separately and are usually worn only on the golfers’ non-dominant arm, but can also be worn on both hands to decrease chafing. The improved control and grip promotes harder strikes which contribute to higher distance.


These are essential to golf players. Most golf duffel bags have a metal ring to which a golfer can attach, clip, or tie a towel used to clean or dry balls, as well as to wipe hands or club faces. Some golf towels are customized for golf use, meaning they are normally made with tougher materials that allows for proper drying.

Fortunately, most sports essentials are now available on the web. You can easily browse through different categories, with the products lined up well enough to be easily checked out. You can compare different designs and styles among various brands, so it shouldn’t be that hard to pinpoint the best items – those that help improve your play.

Badge holdersIt may not seem like it but badge holders and reels play important roles on your day to day life in the company or organization you belong to. With a suitable badge holder, you can work properly without your IDs and badges gettingin your way.


Time cards are things of the past. Identification cards nowadays are contactless smart cards such as RFID, proximity, and NFC cards. This kind of technology uses electronic components that are embedded inside the card. Depending on the kind of card you have, information in the magnetic strips could be easily stolen if you are not careful. This is where suitable badge holders come in. Some are designed and made, especially for contactless smart cards. With these holders, identity theft could be avoided.

Longevity of Cards

It is a given that identification cards should be durable enough to survive the wear and tear before new ones could be issued. One of the most effective ways in preserving your identification cards is by using suitable holders. Holders are often made with plastic and vinyl. There are various kinds of holders available in the market. You can choose from a simple plastic holder to a hard plastic holder depending on your work environment. You can also use a holder with a zipper or flap to shield your ID from moisture and dust. If you have a durable badge holder, you are helping your company in managing expenses as it reduces the cost of ID reprinting.

Convenience in your workplace

Sometimes you may find yourself in not-so-good situations due to your identification cards getting in your way while working. In choosing badge holders, you should consider your work environment. Those that attach to the arm are very suitable in an active workplace. On the other hand, retractable holders are known for flexibility. You can easily stretch the reel them out when you need to swipe or to display your ID. After that, the reel retracts back into a simple-looking badge holder. There are also holders with built-in clips, making it easy to slip them into your shirt pockets. With this, you won’t be bothered by choosing appropriate and matching lanyards that go with your holders.

Promotion of your company

It maybe a small thing to you but having suitable badge holders also have an impact to your company’s image. Given how many people see it each day, your badge holder should reflect the image of your company. You may have customized holders that display your logo to increase your company’s exposure outside your workplace. If your company ishaving an eco-friendly campaign, it is appropriate that your holders are also eco-friendly. This example displays the dedication of your company for its campaigns. This will definitely create a good impression on your customers and business partners. Needless to say, your badge holder should be appropriate for the industry that you are in.

Visuals are also important

Part of promoting your company is having your employees look presentable. It may appear trivial but suitableholders play a relatively important role in keeping your employees look good. Appearance is important especially if you are in the sales industry. You cannot send your employees out if they are looking sloppy or wearing inappropriate accessories. Appearance helps you convey your message properly. Fashionable holders also boost your employees’ confidence because these look good on them. It is to your advantage if you choose badge holders that could properly represent your company.

So, all in all, these accessories aren’t merely add-ons – they’re crucial in more ways than one, regardless of whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur.

One of the most common additions that you can readily find in most graduation outfits is the graduation sash. In this article, you will discover some of the basic facts that you should readily know about this piece of garment. Knowing the basics that go with it will make it easier for you to determine the type of stole that you need to purchase in the future. Also, you cannot go wrong with the sash that you will buy in terms of materials and appearance.

Graduation SashLike most types of graduation rituals and attires, graduation stoles hail from English tradition.

These old traditions date back to the medieval period. During this period, the Church of England was highly involved in education. Therefore, the cords, stoles, and robes that the scholars wore greatly resembled the attire that the churchmen wore in religious rituals. These accessories and clothes eventually became part of the American system.

The graduation sash is considered as a form of vestment that is commonly used by numerous organizations in denoting academic achievement.

This sash is also known as an academic sash, academic stole, or graduation stole. This is commonly used to denote achievements like an award for a high school valedictorian or a membership in a professional organization. In typical academic settings, the graduation stole can also adorn the academic regalia that represent some college and university courses.

The academic sash is made from two pieces of cloth that were sewn together to form a cloth piece that you can drape around your shoulders and neck.

This eventually hangs down along the front part of the robe. The end parts of the graduation stole are typically pointed. In most types of academic ceremonies, cords are draped over them.

An academic sash is a piece of cloth that closely resembles a scarf. This is a garment that you wear over your shoulders. The garment is adorned with the awarding organization’s insignia and color. Although it is not really considered as a part of the officially recognized academic costume codes in most countries, the graduation sash has become a typical part of the graduation attire in numerous universities, colleges, and high schools in some parts of the world.

In some learning institutions, the academic stole is typically worn by the graduates who have achieved lower than the Bachelor’s degree.

These achievements include the following: associate degree, advanced diploma, associate diploma, graduate diploma, graduate certificate, diploma, and certificate. The shade of the graduation stole can either represent the general hue for the certificate or diploma graduates. Also, this may represent the faculty of the award. For instance, a dark blue shade may imply that the graduate in question has been awarded with a certificate or diploma in the arts faculty.

Academic stolesAcademic stoles can virtually come in any type of shade. However, the color that you have to wear for the academic ceremony that you will attend is usually specific to the university, school, or organization that you currently represent. They may be shades that signify your school or colors that traditionally serve as the representation of your department or college.

You may personalize your graduation stoles using embroidery. You can resort to this option to show off your academic accomplishments so far. Some of these accomplishments include your major, graduation year, and the fraternity or sorority where you belong.

These are just some of the things that you have to know about the graduation sash. If you want to know more about the graduation stole that you will be asked to wear on your graduation day, you should make sure to consult the academic department or organization you belong to.